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Virtualisation & Storage

Do you regularly battle low data rate speeds or endure painfully slow extractions of business information?

Having the right storage solution improves performance for not only your servers, but for staff and customers when accessing your data, information and business applications; making your business faster and your systems more efficient.

The last thing you want to be doing is waiting around for your systems to catch up with your day-to-day operations – so we offer you the best in virtualization and storage for your business. Using industry-leading hardware and techniques, we can remove that downtime and enhance your overall system performance.

What is Virtualization?

Virtualization provides your business with a way to maintain less equipment, helps you get better use from that equipment and makes backups and recovery swifter and more reliable

It does this by creating a virtual, rather than physical, computer system, using software which simulates hardware functionality. So, instead of purchasing extra hardware for your business, we can run multiple operating systems and applications on a single piece of your existing hardware.

This gives you higher server speeds and availability and creates a more efficient, safe and scalable system for your business – all while saving you money on hardware and operating costs.


Storage is the foundation of any IT infrastructure – and crucial to smooth business operations

When you store application and business data on every individual hard drive your business operates from, you get slower speeds and a higher risk of losing important data if there is an issue or crash.

We can set up a separate physical storage for your hard drive, giving you faster speeds, greater scalability and flexibility, along with quicker recovery times in the event disaster strikes.

Our Virtualization & Storage Solution

Virtualization and Storage go hand in hand to create a flexible IT environment which adds significant value to your business. By combining the two, we create an IT system which is more flexible to changes in your business goals and growth and infinitely more reliable; ensuring your IT supports you exactly how and when you need it to.

Before we apply this solution within your systems, we assess your systems and structure to determine what you will need to best assist your business growth. Then, we schedule downtime when it’s least impactful on the business and implement your new virtualization and storage system.

How Your Business Benefits

Simple hardware upgrades and replacements for greater scalability
Faster access speeds
Quicker disaster recovery time
Greater scalability
Cheaper when you scale – up to 4x cheaper with no need to spend thousands
Easier management and maintenance for faster resolution times
Deduplication of resources – resulting in more efficient use of resources
Reduced running costs

If you would like to discuss virtualization or storage solutions for your business, please get in touch.