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Cyber Security

Protecting your business systems today is not a luxury – it’s a necessity

Ransomware, viruses, spam and data-theft… these are some of the very real online threats every business faces, so having a strong Cyber Security infrastructure in place to protect your valuable systems and data is crucial.

It can be hard enough to keep on top of of the things you can see in your business – let alone making sure you are protected from the threats you can’t. We want to take care of that for you.

Our Cyber Security Service

We partner with Trend Micro, one of the best in the cyber security business, so we can provide a multi-layered security approach along with tailored security systems to protect your business. A solid Antivirus program is simply the first step in our process, which includes safety measures from vulnerability scanning to identify exposed personal data, to data theft prevention.

The impact of a security breach can be devastating to a business, with far-reaching effects. For example, Ransomware now destroys data instead of simply holding it ransom, which is why we also provide backup monitoring and management so, in the event of a breach, you have a reliable backup to depend on.

Systems Protection in a Digital Age

We understand that conducting business in an online world comes with a unique array of threats and consequences, so as we implement your Cyber Security system, it will be tailored to protect your business as well as is humanly (and technologically) possible.

Data Theft Security

More than half of businesses aren’t prepared for data theft

While Cyber Security can protect you from external threats, sometimes the real threat can arise from within your own business. As hard as it is to imagine this could happen to you, it is important to be prepared.

Data theft can impact your client’s privacy and, in the event of a breach, from February 22 2018 all Australian businesses* are required to submit a Mandatory Data Breach report. This means you have to notify any customers whose data may have been affected, which can result in a loss of reputation and have a real financial impact on your business.

Having Data Theft Security in place ensures that your intellectual property is safe and protects your client’s personal information from being stolen and accessed by a foreign system.

We are real people, here to protect what is really important to your business

Be confident your valuable systems and data are secure, and you are protected when it counts – talk to us for a security system tailored to your business.