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Managed Services

Struggling to get an handle on your IT?

Think of it like gardening. If you only have a few plants, a hose and a little of your time is an efficient and cost-effective way to keep them healthy. As soon as your garden expands beyond what you can manage alone, a retic system becomes the most time and cost-effective way to maintain and continue growing your garden.

Managed IT Services are like the retic system. We want to support your business, help you increase productivity and growth, reduce your costs and let you focus your attention on your day-to-day without the costly and inconvenient interruptions of technology failures and maintenance.

A hard drive crash with data loss, a server fail or software issue… these systems are the backbone of your business operations. If these fail, they can cause your business a loss of revenue and customers along with hours of stress and valuable time spent on troubleshooting and recovery.

Our job is to make sure you don’t have to deal with that situation.
For your business to work efficiently, you need your IT systems working efficiently.

What are Managed Services?

This service offers the most effective form of IT support for small and medium business; inclusive of all the IT support your business will need to continue operating at peak performance, such as;

Unlimited Support

Tailored Hardware Procurement

Regular Service Review Meetings

Why use Managed IT Services?

Managed Services provide you with not just a successful IT system tailored for you and your business goals, but also the confidence in knowing that if issues do arise they will be handled for you swiftly. Not only that, but we also operate transparently – so you always know what’s being done in the background.

We don’t just sign you up to an ongoing plan then walk away and leave you in the dark. We get to know you and your business, review your needs, strategize to increase your productivity and minimise your risks, and then keep you in the loop while we provide the IT support needed for you to reach your goals.

We deliver:

  • Regular and transparent work updates
  • Complete system optimisation
  • A proactive IT environment
  • Genuine IT support when you need it (unlimited)
  • Fast responses from real people

IT should be simple, and it should work – if yours doesn’t, our team would love to help.

Our Response Matrix

This is how we prioritise support calls.

Priority 1 Emergency
(Highest Priority)

Response Time 30 Minutes
Escalation: Immediate

Systems down Regulatory (including backup failure) Revenue loss Guest internet support

Priority 2
(Medium Priority)

Response Time 1 Hour
Escalation: 15 Minutes

High impact to production Significant cost reduction System replacement Security system concern

Priority 3 Regular
(Normal Priority)

Response Time 2 Hour
Escalation: 30 Minutes

Ordinary request

Priority 4 Minor
(Low Priority)

Items given a decreased priority after initial review

Administrative change Cosmetic change Regular maintenance