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If your systems failed today – how long would it take until you were operational again?

The days of filing systems and pen and paper are behind us and businesses are becoming more and more efficient in the way they manage and store data.

However, along with the increased business efficiency and scalability, this also means that if your backups fail – your business fails.

Threats can slip through your cyber security, hard drives can become corrupted, power can fail, sometimes things are just out of your control – so you need to have something your business can depend on.

What is the best backup system for your business?

Backing up to the same USB or removable hard drive every evening is just a drop in the bucket – not a long-term solution you can trust to guard your valuable business data.
To ensure you have a foolproof backup you can rely on in the event of a data or system fail, every business must have a tested backup method with an offsite component.

Our Backup System

Consult + review existing backup system

Implement a reliable + effective backup process

Thorough and regular backup testing – not just monitoring

We will implement a backup system suited to how your business operates and regularly include both a dual storage solution and careful, regular testing.

It’s not just about having a backup, it’s about having one which will always be fully operational and ready for you at the drop of a hat.

We monitor and test your backups, make any changes needed, investigate when any issues might arise and will be there for you to restore your data so you can be up and running again. A backup is only good as its restore – so we use regular, real tests for quality control.

A reliable backup means a reliable business.

Do you know your data is safe if the worst happens?

If you don’t know the answer to that question, please talk to us today about safeguarding your business with a failsafe backup system.