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About Us

Tekcon Australia is an established IT consultancy in Perth, serving and supporting businesses nationally. We are real people with real experience in leveraging and enabling your IT systems and platforms to work more efficiently and effectively for your business.

Our intention is to build strong, collaborative relationships so we can give our clients a sustainable and impacting service over the long-term. We do this through transparent conversations and delivering IT support which makes a significant difference in your business growth.

With over 20 years of experience spanning across Hospitality, Mining, Law, Real Estate, the Australian Defence Force and other industries, we are well positioned to address any and all IT circumstances and environments.

We bring proactive IT services to your business, working hard in the background, monitoring and optimising your IT environment. We want your business to succeed and be in the best position for growth – and we can give you the IT support you need to achieve your goals.


Andrew Edwards

From a young age, I experienced significant trauma and as a result, decided I want to live with a purpose. For me, IT is my vehicle to make a difference. I recognised Information Technology has, as a platform, contributed to a negative impact on the lives of those around me, causing stress and disruption for many business owners and people alike, with my role as co-founder of Tekcon.


I was inspired by technology from a very early age, often seeing things that might exist well before their time. After making a comment in the mid 90’s that one day, people will be able to surf the internet from their wrists, I was the subject of ridicule. It wasn’t until more recently that this idea became accepted, and then a reality with the introduction of smart watches.


To be the point of light, using technology as a vehicle to bring clarity, hope, and relevance to business owners. We are ‘humanising’ IT by bringing transparency, visibility, and control of your technology through relevant, honest, and integral relationships.


From our humble beginnings we noticed the constant bombardment of information and how the increase in daily decisions was causing more and more stress, anxiety, and restlessness. That’s why we support clients; to give back control, visibility, and transparency of their technology. We work with clients to take away the confusion, stress, and anxiety IT has been known for. Call it our vision or mission but we are here to bring clarity, hope and relevance to business owners; Inspiring, simplifying, and transforming lives through the delivery of IT services that positively impact businesses, families, and communities. Just as IT is relentless, always progressing and does not distinguish, we too will not rest or walk away from the challenge before us.