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Moving on up | Where You Can Now Find Tekcon and Professional IT Solutions in Perth

From humble beginnings in a home garage (yes, the same as iiNet), to our time on Yangebup road in Cockburn Central, Tekcon have moved a hop, skip and a jump away to Henderson. Tekcon are now fully operational in our new Henderson location and are proud and excited to share it with our clients. See why a team of IT specialists in Perth made the move below, and how our move will benefit you as you work from home or throughout your transition back to the office.

Why the big move?

In times like this, it’s important to keep looking for opportunities to better your business and stay positive for the future. When we won a tender on relocation and ongoing IT service provision for GRAF Plastics Australia, the move with its impressive company, and facilities to match, only made sense. Tekcon’s office move has ensured that our business and clients have access to:

  • A dedicated data centre – which will enable us to create a Community Network deliver a high-quality wireless link to businesses in the region. This will also allow people who have little room for their business, much less their IT equipment, to host their servers here, as though they are connected directly on their own local network, whilst being in a safe, secure and climate-controlled environment.
  • Smoother operation and service – with room for more growth and less double handling
  • Great location – only a 15-minute coastal drive to the heart of Fremantle
  • We’re motivated and capable of providing [diverse IT solutions]( to our valued clients.

Don’t just hear about it, come and say hello to the Tekcon team and streamlined IT solutions yourself at 43c Sparks Road in Henderson.

Professional Perth IT solutions

Informational technology makes sparks fly, there’s no doubt about that. When our computers, internet, databases, software (to name a few) run smoothly we’re able to:

  • Stay connected to distanced loved ones
  • Get our work done remotely
  • Research, online shop, entertain and so much more.

However, just like many things in life – information technology is something we take for granted – especially when we work from home or transition from home back to the office.

When we need Perth IT solutions, we want affordable, straight-forward solutions and fast.

For Perth IT services that are streamlined, professional and make life easy – the team at Tekcon in our brand-new office are who you can trust to get back to whatever you were doing from your computer.

Business productivity and peace of mind

Don’t have any computer issues, but want to see how information technology services in Perth can boost your business? Tekcon have you covered too, with:

We don’t have to wait for a fire to get fire-safe in our homes and we don’t have to wait for IT troubles to have the best information technology services in Perth to help us every day.

The team at Tekcon are ready for all your IT problems and IT optimisation in Perth.

To increase productivity and peace of mind as you work from home or transition back to the office, Tekcon will make sparks fly from our new headquarters at 43c Sparks Road in Henderson.

Ready to check out the HQ office for yourself? Contact Tekcon today for professional IT optimisation and solutions made easy.