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How our IT Services can help your business during the COVID-19 Crisis

There’s no denying that the newest global virus has impacted the world, hard. The Coronavirus has been a previously unidentified virus and our reliance and popular use of air and sea travel has seen its global spread in a very short period of time.

People are getting infected and scared and even panic buying everyday items such as toilet paper here in Australia – it’s definitely not business as usual around the world.

Help from your Perth IT company will ensure you can carry on with IT services from your home, and ensure business continuity in times of uncertainty.

The issue: COVID-19

In just a matter of weeks, the World Health Organisation (WHO) declared the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) a global pandemic and countries around the world have gone into full lockdown, as a result.

Why it’s not business as usual

Healthcare systems are becoming overworked, people are self-isolating and working from home, and business is definitely not running as usual.

With China being the world’s biggest exporter of goods, including most IT products, the world’s health and healthcare systems aren’t the only things that are suffering, so is the world’s trade. There is now very little (if any), telecommunications and technology stock on hand as a result.

With millions of dollars’ worth of goods unable to be moved and delivered, the stock-market has plunged, and global trade has seen a ‘bottleneck’ supply of imported goods.

Small Perth businesses, businesses across Australia and around the world are indirectly being hit by this global pandemic and when IT problems need fixing, who can help?

How Tekcon can help businesses

Business owners may need new computers or parts and struggle to source them with a limited or non-existent supply. Contact your local Perth IT specialists to see how we can help your IT through the crisis and beyond.

Here’s what Tekcon can help with, to ensure your business remains productive:

  • Diagnose and repair existing machines that are failing
  • See what parts are still available on the market and source them for you
  • Install solid-state drives (SSDs) for a very low-cost increase in productivity
  • Keep your machines running until the Coronavirus is at bay and China can export again, and
  • Try and save you from buying a new computer

Empower you as you work from home, ensuring you’re work-from-home ready

While COVID-19 is causing health and economic issues globally, it doesn’t have to be the end for your computer or your business continuity. Your business can move online and it’s now more important than ever for it to do so.

Your local Perth computer support and services in Cockburn can provide IT solutions to keep your business running in times of uncertainty, help you work from home and transition your business online.

In need of proactive and efficient IT solutions in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis?

Contact Tekcon today to see how we can help your business remain viable and productive during this everchanging and uncertain time.